From The Desk Of Management
Mr. Nehal Shukla (President of the Trust)
Shree H.N.Shukla College was established in the year 1999-2000 which has today transformed into Shree H.N.Shukla Group of Colleges. In this journey of growth, development and expansion, the institute has never compromised with its aim of total and overall development of the students by providing them a conducive and familiar atmosphere in which they can acquire expert knowledge and develop their hidden talents.

Mr. Nehal Shukla

The launch of this web-site is nothing but a small step towards bringing the students closer and helping them to get acquainted to each other. The site facilitates students to download the question papers of internal exams and its result, subject material, university question papers etc. Other features like campus updates, magazine, events etc. enable students to stay closely connected to the college. The launch of this web-site shall also prove to be helpful to the management to reach out to a number of students at a time, know about their problems and provide quick solutions to the same.

The college has the YOUNGEST MANAGEMENT in the whole of Gujarat and therefore, we can understand the needs of the youth. This site, once again, reflects the student approach of the college being :
  • Of the students
  • For the students
  • By the students
Message By The Trustee 
Dr.Mehul P.Rupani
It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for me as we take a step ahead towards perfection and excellence by launching this web-site.

The college stresses upon the development of 3A’s of the students:

To bring about their overall development
To strengthen the ACADEMICS, we provide weekly and monthly planning, material in hard copy and soft copy, question papers (internals and prelims) with answers.

ACTIVITIES have always been a unique feature of H.N.S. The college conducts various activities like festival celebrations, picnics, seminars, social forum, day celebrations etc. to strike the complete development of students.

The ATTITUDE of students is thus shaped by focusing upon ACADEMICS and ACTIVITIES. This web-site has been specially designed to realize the development of these 3A’s of the students and I am sure it would prove to be a handy-guide to the students which would provide them solutions to all their problems with just a click on the key-board. The site contains everything the students would wish to know about the college as well as about their department.

On the whole, the site is our sincere effort towards organized management and global technological advancement. It is also our determined move towards
"smart work and not hard work".


Message By The Campus Director & Trustee

Mr Sanjay Vadhar

 As I reflect on H. N. S. achievements. We provide quality education, healthy environment. It was seventeen years ago that H. N. S. began its humble beginning a vision & Mission of quality education to the new era of technical development in the region. It is the combined team effort of the management faculty, staff, students and the parents that H. N. S. has a big beading educational group in India.


We also believe that knowledge is the wealth of society; it is this vision which guides the vibrant community of students to enhance their knowledge.
Shree H. N. Shukla College has campus with full of natural environment which gives mentally peace and perfect environment for learning and teaching. HNS campus is 45 acres of green campus in the city providing calm, skill development environment for teaching.
This is the institute which believes in providing research, Creativity and Activity Simultaneously.

We conduct lot many activities for the development of different skills of the student. Every year we provide 100% job placement and also doing efforts in building the new Entrepreneurs.
We hope to add different colors in education field in future also.


"Success is a journey, not a Destination."